In the late 1980's just as my fine art career was becoming as thin as champagne on slate, I got involved in "alternative" comics. At the time this seemed to make sense. Primarily because my work was already narrative and sometimes included written text. So writing short stories and illustrating them seemed like a natural and smart idea. It wasn't. Like the art world, the world of comics is filled with honors, fame, I can't even think of a third thing, and nowhere near the money. Initially, my short stories appeared in various issues of Robert Crumb's WEIRDO. Later they appeared in other anthologies in the United States, Belgium, and France. In the late 1990's Fantagraphics published my "graphic novels" Scary! and Filthy. In 2004 they also published a one-shot illustrated poem masquerading as a comic book titled Ape. Since 2016 my comics appear regularly in The American Bystander. Please click on the Crocodile.