About Ted Jouflas

I have been employed as a Dishwasher in a Chinese Restaurant, a Summer Camp Junior Counselor, a Pizza Cook, a Swimming Instructor, a Grounds Crew Gardener, a Page in a Law School Library, a Microfiche Photographer, a Sandwich Maker, a One Hour Photo Attendant, a Dishwasher in an Italian Restaurant, a Black and White Darkroom Assistant, a Bookstore Clerk, a Collections Agent, an Art Gallery Installation Boy, (three different blue chip dealers and one institution of higher learning) a Warehouseman, a Data Entry Clerk, a Municipal Bonds Debenture Clerk, a Temp, a Shipping and Receiving Clerk, a Human Resources Auditor, an Assistant, Assistant Manager in a Five Star Hotel, a Salesman, a Retail Services Manager for a Real Estate Developer, a Clerk for a Title Company, a Dray Auditor for a Railroad, a Night Auditor in a Five Star Hotel, a Payroll Accountant for a Trucking Company, a Human Resources Executive, an Accountant for a Publishing House.